Kindle Publishing Services

Let Us be Your Online Publisher

We provide the following as part of our Kindle Publishing Service:

  1. Convert your content into Kindle format
  2. Create a book cover ($25 value)
  3. Publish on Amazon (may includes ISBN for book, $125 value)
  4. Promote book on Amazon and search engines ($399 value per book)
  5. Create Author website on askafriend ($499 value)
  6. Update author blog to include links to books ($49 value per book)
  7. Update askafriend website to link to author site, and add book to published list ($49 value per book)
  8. Create and manage an e-mail list for each book series ($299 onetime plus $29/mo value per list)
  9. Create and manage a Facebook page for each book series and/or author ($299 onetime plus $59/mo value per list)
  10. Setup book for hardcopy print (optional for additional fee)
Normally, traditional publishers pay 30 cents or so for each copy of a book sold.

We share up to 50% of the royalties received with each author

Our goal is to maximize profits, so setting a book price from 2.99 to 9.99 is optimal area, as Amazon pays 70% of sale in this range only.
We only charge $100 to review your book for publication. Here is the Paypal button here to submit your manuscript or review: