After helping many people get their Kindle Books published, Ask a Fiend Publishing has announced they will be offering consulting services to help individuals sell products directly on

“We are part of an elite group of Amazon sellers, and will be actively recruiting the next wave of millionaires in October to join our group.” pipes Owen Walcher, owner of Ask a Friend Publishing.

The coursework of the Amazing Selling Machine is intense, and having guidance and a coach can make the difference between making it or giving up before the victory is achieved.

In addition, Ask a Friend Publishing is perfectly poised to provide much of the upfront SEO work needed to skyrocket your products to the top of Amazon, using both the tools on your behalf as part of the Amazing Selling Machine, as well as adding value in the Social Signals Channels.

Bonuses will be offered to those who join the Amazing Selling Machine via our link, so go here to get your name on our Amazing Selling Machine list.