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Kindle Publishing Services

After years as a Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Company, Ask a Friend Publishing announces that it is focusing exclusively on the Amazon Marketplace, Kindle Publishing being the largest online book publishing venue..

“People have changed the way they access information.” says Owen Walcher, President of Ask a Friend Publishing. “Fewer people use search engines like Google or Yahoo today, because their results are just too unwieldy. Instead, they use the search features of their favorite sites, and these days is the home page for many an American web surfer.”

If you would like to get help publishing your book online, then contact us for a free, no obligation quote. Isn’t it time you took a piece of the Internet as yours?

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Amazon Merchant Sales

Tired of chasing the latest Google update, hoping to get traffic to your website, which you probably built to send affiliate traffic somewhere like

Why not start selling product directly on Is it hard? You bet, with lots of land mines and dangerous neighborhoods, but with a good guide who has navigated the path several times in a variety of ways, you will be much more likely to be successful.

AskaFriend Publishing will be offering you access to a private, limited time club of millionaires already making a killing on Amazon, and the club includes all the training from how to setup a company and bank account in the USA regardless of where you live to how to dominate keywords in Amazon.

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